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Have you ever seen the Magna Grecia?

It is one of the oldest cities in Italy and is located on the Tyrrhenian coast, south of Salerno. Greeks they founded with the name of Poseidonia, making one of the main centers of Magna Grecia. In the fifth century BCE, Lucanias conquered Paestum, and under their control, Paestum had the greatest period of prosperity and reached its maximum territorial expansion. In the third century BCE, the Romans settled there, changing the name of the city to the current one. Only in the imperial age, Paestum began its decline until the definitive abandonment in the eighth century CE. due to the swamping of the surrounding area. This environment condition allowed the ruins to be untouched for millennia and just recently rediscovered to be appreciated on the world scene.


1 Day
12+ Age
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    On reservation
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Meeting: Departure

Our driver will pick you up at the place and time indicated to leave for Paestum. It takes about 90 min, normal traffic, to get to Paestum.

Archaeological Park: The tour begins

Once you arrive at your destination there will be a tour guide waiting for you. You will start the guided tour in the archaeological park and then the museum. Around lunchtime, we leave for the buffalo factory.

Farm: Mozzarella Production

We walk through the buffaloes and see the modern production. We also see: The Artisanal processing of buffalo leather objects and milk products tasting. A Rural Museum with tools and utensils from various eras and for daily use. At last the taste of dairy products.

Menu to choose

Then we have lunch choose between two menus: Light lunch (tastings of mozzarella; ricotta; tomato salad; green salad; corporate yogurt; homemade bread; rustic bread; white wine; mineral water; ice cream / coffee / cappuccino). Full lunch (crepes with ricotta and spinach; mozzarella and ricotta; tomato salad; green salad; corporate yogurt; homemade bread; rustic bread; white wine; mineral water; ice cream / coffee / cappuccino).

Free time: Return

In the afternoon we leave you free time to shop, or even take a trip to the beach before returning.

Tour Location

The temples and the Archaeological Park

They rediscovered the temples of Paestum in the eighteenth century CE, and these treasures are a magnificent testimony of the Classic Age, which let us enchanted. They have an excellent state of conservation, thanks also to the construction techniques of that time. This walk through ancient glories is worth seeing once in life. The Temple of Hera also called Basilica, is the oldest of the three buildings, and was started around 560 BCE. It is the only one of that time to preserve himself so well over the time. The name basilica is because when they built the archaic structure there were still no specific architecture canons, leaving a controversy over its original function over the time, even though nowadays they proven that it was sure a cult building. Findings and inscriptions suggest that it could be the temple of Hera, which is the protector of the Achaeans and bride of Zeus. The Temple of Athena is certain the only temple we know for sure to which divinity was dedicated: Athena, the goddess of artisanship and war. Built on the highest point of the city, around 500 BCE. with the purpose to predominate over the surrounding area. The Temple of Neptune is the largest of the temples in Paestum, and is the best preserved one. In fact, they built in the mid 400 BCE, that is the same period of ​​the temple of Zeus in Olympia, but it has better conservation thanks to the incredible construction technique capable of resisting both earthquakes and other natural disasters. In the same way, the museum preserves some truly amazing pieces of ceramic and funerary art. Here we find the famous Lucanian tombs and the spectacular Diver’s tomb.

Production Farm of Bufalo mozzarella

The area of Paestum is also famous for the excellent production of fresh buffalo mozzarella, an essential ingredient pf the Neapolitan Pizza! With our tour, you can try the experience of visiting a typical mozzarella farm where you can see the buffalos, the modernity of the stables, the processing of mozzarella making and a museum of farming culture. Last but not least, a delicious tasting of mozzarella and typical products of the area.

The Beach

The beach is certainly another enchantment of this area, in fact, this area is also a holiday place and stopping a few days here would certainly not be a bad idea. .

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