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Kayak Posillipo

Ready to row?

It is not a simple excursion, but a guided tour to discover splendid coves, caves, protected marine areas, historical places and legends of Posillipo. In fact, the fame of this place dates back to the classical age. Greeks first, and Romans later, they chose Posillipo as a place of leisure and entertainment, thanks also to its extraordinary panorama of Naples, the Vesuvius, the Sorrento peninsula and the island of Capri. Even the etymology of its name derives from the Greek Pausilypon, which literally means “Respite from danger” or “that makes pain stop“.

Our tour to discover Posillipo begins with Neapolitan architecture masterpieces such as Villa Fiorita, Villa Rosebery, or places of legends such as Palazzo degli Spiriti and the famous “Fenestella a Marechiaro“.

We will stop near the splendid Marine Protected Area of ​​Gaiola, which is rich in marine biodiversity and submerged archaeological remains. This place is perfect especially for the most intrepid people who want to jump into the water and do some snorkeling.

Finally, we will arrive in Baia Trentami, in front of the Island of Nisida, for a relaxing break and to take a nice photo group.

An unforgettable moment in contact with nature, with zero environmental affect, while enjoying an excellent glimpse of the city, which seen from the sea reveals all its beauty.


  • Destination

  • Departure

    Via Ferdinando Russo 13
  • Departure Time

    On reservation
  • Dress Code

    Beach shoes - swimming suit - leave all irrelevant objects in the car – we will give you an airtight container for cell phone and keys - clothes will be left in our base.
  • Included

    Personal Guide
  • Not Included

    Personal Skipper

Meeting: briefing

La guida vi darà il benvenuto e vi presenterà al gruppo, dopodiché vi saranno date le istruzioni su come andare in kayak e come si svolgerà l'escursione.

The excursion starts: The adventure begins

La nostra guida vi porterà alla scoperta di splendide insenature, spelei, aree marine protette, luoghi storici e leggende di Posillipo. L'iter è il seguente:
  • Villa Volpicelli
  • Villa Rosebery
  • Marechiaro
  • Palazzo degli Spiriti
  • Parco Sommerso di Gaiola
  • Trentaremi
  • Isola di Nisida
Ogni luogo si farà una breve pausa per spiegare fatti e curiosità.

Tour Location

Introdution to Posillipo

Since ancient times Posillipo has been a place of leisure and relaxation. The Greeks first and later the Roman aristocratic classes chose Posillipo as a resting place away from the eventful Roman political and military life. In fact, Posillipo comes from the Greek Pausilypon, which literally means, "Respite from worry" or "that makes the pain to stop". Also from here, you can admire the amazing panoramic view of the entire Gulf of Naples, including the Vesuvius, the Sorrento Coast and the Island of Capri. Posillipo is also famous for its splendid villas overlooking the sea, below we list a few:  
  Villa Volpicelli, famous because of Italian TV series, is an ancient palace, already inhabited in the 600s. It was the only building in the radius of kilometers, with a small port as access. In facts was a landing place for large military boats. The name owes to Raffaele Volpicelli, who managed to buy the villa for fifty-one thousand lire in the late 1800s.  
  Villa Rosebery is the current summer residence of the Italian President and the area is ​​approx. 66.056 meters squares, sloping towards the sea, with 40 meters drops. The villa is also famous for its magnificent garden, rich in plant species in a truly sublime composition. The beginning of its construction was in the early 1800s, at the behest of an Austrian Bourbon officer, Giuseppe De Thurn who made it in a rustic villa; later with various properties, it assumed the appearance of a resting place. The name comes from the ex-former British Prime Minister Lord Rosebery who purchased the villa in the late 1800s.  
  Marechiaro is an ancient village, the origin of the name comes from its quiet waters, mare planum translated into Neapolitan chianu mare from which today's Marechiaro. Famous is the "Scuglione 'e Marechiare" (Scoglione di Marechiaro), whose Neapolitans go for sunbathing. In fact, in the 60s it was one of the places of the Italian Dolce Vita, with its famous frequentations from Hollywood. Here there is also the famous Fenestella e Marechiaro, one inspiration of the most famous Neapolitan songs: Marechiare, written by the Neapolitan writer Salvatore Di Giacomo.  
  Palazzo degli spiriti, or Villarosa, is an ancient Roman construction, built in the first century BCE. The palace is today part of the protected marine area of ​​Posillipo and the source of many myths and legends.  
The Submerged Park of Gaiola takes its name from the two islets that rise close the coast and it is an area of ​ 41 hectares, extending from the Borgo di Marechiaro to the Baia di Trentami. The particularity of the place is due to the volcanological and archaeological fusion aspects, which make this place unique for the wonderful cliffs of Yellow Tuff, shaped by the sea and the wind. Nowadays the seabed have a great biological importance, rich of animal and plant species from the Mediterranean. In addition, here you can do scuba diving, snorkeling and swim in the summer in one of the most beautiful cliffs in the city.  
Baia Trentami is one of the most suggestive places for swimming and relaxing. You can only reach by kayak, sup, or boat (boats only outside the protected marine area). Here the Neapolitans come to sunbathe or swim, but also for the caves, coves reachable by kayak or swimming.  
Nisida Island is part of the Phlegraean archipelago, and as such has volcanic origins. Only in the 30s, they built a connection to the mainland through a long concrete bridge, giving a life to a large pier. This island although is small, has a long history and its name origins Nesida is from the Greek, meaning small island. Is rich in history, also identified as the Homeric place known as "the islet of the goats" where Ulysses rested after the country of the Cyclops.

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