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Corso Tullio Boccarusso 130, Massa di Somma 80040

Walk with your self

Get a breath of your inner self!

Mountain excursions have always been a source of inspiration and motivation, and mixing with the charm of the Vesuvius National Park, your experience will be even more unforgettable.

Starting an excursion means leaving everything behind: stress, anxiety, worries, commitments, everything that is part of your daily life dissolve step by step in our journey.

Our mind begins to lighten, the breath begins to stabilize, fatigue decreases and we focus on the path ahead on us. As we go up, our senses become more receptive, the eyes get details that they did not see before, the hearing hear many harmonious sounds, and the sense of smell is more sensitive with the air cleaned by vegetation.

Go into the nature increases the chances of discovering something new about ourselves.

Obviously the path is not made by all roses and flowers, but there are many thorns that you must overcome. One of these is walk in group, adapt yourself to people with different emotional and physical abilities than yours, you must learn to help the others, adapt to the weakest and instil strength without weighing on consciousness. It could be necessary to face unexpected events, but above all we must learn to welcome them with optimism and face them resolutely, without losing enthusiasm. If a person abandons, it becomes everyone’s failure, which is why team play is fundamental, we are all one.

Remember the rule is all for one, one for all.

Come to the top with us and be enchanted by the whole Gulf of Naples and the plain of Campania. The best view comes after the most difficult climb.


  • Destination

  • Departure

    Vesuvius National Park
  • Departure Time

    Meeting 8:00 AM - Departure 8:30 AM
  • Return Time

    Approximately 6:30 pm
  • Dress Code

    Trekking or sports shoes, comfortable clothing suited to weather and environment conditions. A backpack, a sun hat, a jacket in case of cold weather, a water bottle (at least 2 liters) and snacks.
  • Included

    Personal Guide
  • Not Included

    Personal Skipper

Meeting: The Adventure Begins

Our guide will wait for you in the meeting place. After the presentation and the appropriate instructions, we will begin our ascent.

Climbing: Break on the Summit

During the journey we will make several stop breaks, the walking speed will be normal, we do not run, but we follow the group rhythm. Once we reach the summit, we will make three stages with three stops: Cognolo di Trocchia Cognolo of Sant’Anastasia Cognolo di Ottaviano the highest point also called Punta Nasone. At the top there is a camp base, where we will have lunch and enjoy the view.

Tour Location

Vesuvius National Park

It is a large volcanic complex called Somma-Vesuvius, which was founded in 1995: Monte Somma is an ancient volcanic mass, created by continued eruptive cycles over 25,000 years and Vesuvius is a live volcano located within the ancient caldera. The Vesuvius Gran Cone has origins during the various eruptions, and  which has been in the recent centuries the pressure valve of the volcano. In fact, historical testimonies tell us that the Grand Cone was not the only vent to exhale gas, to expel pyroclastic materials, magma or ashes, but the volcanic complex had more sources of release.
The great volcanic complex is a typical example of a fenced volcano: the Monte Somma is the steep rim surrounding Vesuvius on the whole northern side, while the south side is exposed to the land below. The ridge of Monte Somma is formed by jagged peaks called "Cognoli" by locals, while its surface is covered by groove valleys locally called "Lagni". The caldera diameter is 15 km and includes the Great Cone and Giant Valley splitted in the Hell Valley and Horse Atrium. The vegetation is particularly rich here and indigenous species are sheltered by the two mountainous structures.

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