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Amalfi Coast

Get ready! Wonderland is waiting.

This stretch of coast is a succession of wonders: amazing panoramas at any corners that leave you breathless; small beaches in beautiful inlets; divine hiking paths and luxury life styles. The stretch of coast is characterized by pastel-colored houses placed on high promontories, which make the landscape truly picturesque. Fashion shops, genuine flavors and celebrities they are routine. This stretch of Italian coast it’s considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and takes its name from the city of Amalfi, the central nucleus of the coast both way geographically and historically, recalling the exploits of the ancient Republic of Amalfi in the Middle Age.

In the 19th Century the coast was rediscovered for the Grand Tour, i.e. an educational rite trip undertaken by upper-class young European men to increase their prestige and culture. The success was so great to induce King Ferdinand II of Bourbon House to commission a road that could connect all the centers of the coast. The work was carried out in 18 years, for 50 km length all curves.

In the last 50 years, the Amalfi coast has been destination for important film producers, who identify in these stretches of coast the perfect place for their shots. Still on the coast, there are many perfect paths to take on excursion activities, example the Path of the Gods is very famous like also Valle delle Ferriere.

In short, a small stretch of coast that reserves many wonders.


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Amalfi Coast: go

The coast in order
  • Vietri sul mare
  • Cetara
  • Maiori
  • Minori
  • Atrani
  • Ravello
  • Conca dei Marini
  • Furore
  • Praiano
  • Positano

Tour Location

Amalfi Coast

Amalfi It is the heart of the Amalfi Coast, geographically the center, its history has given the name to the whole coast. The central point of this town is the cathedral, an extraordinary architectural representation that is a mix of both Arabesque and Romanesque styles. The town architecture is typically Mediterranean, made of narrow alleys and white houses placed one above the other.
Positano If the city of Amalfi gave the name to the whole coast, Positano gives the grace. In fact, this small town with pastel-colored houses built on limestone rocks on vertical promontory overlooking the sea, has one of the best scenery all over the world. The world elites choose Positano to spend their holidays, and it is certainly the most glamorous place on the whole Southern coast of Italy. So important to create its own local stylistic brand, Positano fashion.
Vietri sul Mare It is the first stop on the Amalfi Coast road, also called the first pearl of the Amalfi Coast, known above all for its ancient tradition of working with ceramics. Tourists from all over the world commission craftsmanship for their furnishings. Its hamlet Albori is part of the Italian association: The most beautiful villages in Italy.
Cetara Since ever has been a fishing village, in fact its name takes origin from the Greek Ketèia and then from the Latin Cetaria which means tuna. So it is not a coincidence that among the excellent products of Cetara there is the casting of anchovies, a blue fish from the Mediterranean Sea.
Maiori It was a place where the fleet used to anchor, in fact we can still admire the two Saracen towers of Erchie, and the Norman one. Maiori has also the longest beach on the Amalfi Coast, almost 1 km long.
Minori They call it the City of Taste of the Amalfi Coast, for its pastry specialties. Many motorcycles lovers riding the coast they do often stop here for a sweet taste. Minori is also a seaside town, its beach enjoys a crystal clear sea.
Atrani Also part of the club of “The most beautiful villages in Italy”, it is also the smallest Italian municipality for surface.
Ravello In addition of being one of the highest coastal town, therefore also the most panoramic, it is also the city of music with its annual summer festival - In fact, every year important singers from all over the world, set foot on important stage such as the Auditorium Oscar Niemeyer. But also the architecture is part of this splendid scenario such as Il Duomo and its prestigious Villas Cimbrone and Rufolo.
Scala It is the highest point of the Amalfi Coast (400 m high above the sea) and also the oldest village. Scala with its medieval village is definitely worth seeing.
Conca dei Marini It was once a refuge for expert sailors, this is reason why they nicknamed the City of sailors, but this place is also enchanting for its amazing caves such as the emerald cave. For Neapolitans is also the place where the first form of sfogliatella was made, i.e. typical sweet from Campania.
Furore Most known for its hollowed fjord descending the mountains to the sea, giving us one of the most suggestive beaches in Italy. The crystal-colored water and the man made bridge, capture the attention of thousands of tourists every year.
Praiano The name has probably origins from the term praia, meaning beach, from the Greek plagion. But more than beach, Praiano it is characteristic for the houses that stretch on a steep promontory facing the sea. A peculiarity of the city that is especially noticeable by navigating the coast.
Tramonti It is called the green lung of the Amalfi Coast. The Chiunzi pass is the step to cross Lattari Mountains and be on the other side in the Gulf of Naples.

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