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Campania Wonders

Ready to sail?

Catamaran holidays are real adventures, a pleasant discovery for novices and a travel philosophy for veterans .

Those who choose to spend their their holiday on board, choose a type of trip made of adventure and relaxation, of privacy but also of sharing, and finally to see a multitude of different, exclusive places without having to cross the crowed and traffic land.

What the main difference in sailing catamaran compared to other boat types?The catamaran is perfect for those who love to travel enjoying every moment. But what distinguishes it most is the presence of two parallel hulls, making the spaces tripled compared to the single-hulled colleagues.

With boat you choose when and where to land for shopping or a tourist visit; routine does not exist, you discover new things all the time in absolute relaxation; you see the most beautiful beaches, without those annoyances you find in the crowded beach; you sail in exclusive stretches of coastline reachable only with a boat.
Come and feel the sensory experience of the waves crashing on your boat, the wind blowing through your hair and the sun warming your skin.


  • Destination

  • Departure

    Napoli - Sorrento - Castellammare di Stabia
  • Departure Time

    Meeting 9:00 am - Departure 9:30 pm
  • Return Time

    Approximately 6:30 pm
  • Dress Code

    Non-slip footwear - non-rigid luggage
  • Included

    Personal Skipper
  • Not Included

    Personal Guide

Pier: Departure

The skipper will be waiting your arrival at the pier. Once on board you have time for leave your things in the cabin, happy hour and have a general look at the boat, then you will set sail for your trip.

1 Day: Sorrento Coast

We set sail for the Sorrento Coast with destination Capri. It takes about 2 hours and 30 min. to get to Capri with good weather conditions. Our journey will be slightly longer, being able to appreciate every corner of the Sorrento Coast. The coast is in fact full of beautiful inlets and tourist spots. We should at least stop in a few places. You can also land in Sorrento for shopping, shops from this small town are full of shades and genuine flavors. Once ready we will set sail again to head to Capri and spend the night there.

2 Day: Circumnavigation of Capri

Capri is certainly one of the most glamorous islands in the Mediterranean, It is common to see huge yachts from the world Elites. Taking a tour of the island to discover its beauty is a must do it. Blue Grotto, Green Grotto, White Grotto, Salto di Tiberio and the famous Faraglioni are the main sea actractions. After that, you can decide to land on the mainland and take a tour of the island, defenely no shortage of attractions in Capri.

3 Day: Destination Positano

Departure from Capri sailing through a divine place full of wonders like the Amalfi Coast. Lunch in Nerano, place loved by both tourists and locals for its sea speciality. Departure for Positano, landing for a sightseeing tour in the town. Overnight in Positano.

4 Day: destination Procida

The navigation is quite long, 27 nautical miles, take the opportunity to get tan or take some sailing lessons on the way. Arrival in Procida, landing and tour. The island is perhaps the most characteristic in the Gulf of Naples. La Corricella is an ancient fishing village that will surely leave you spellbound. In Procida the contamination of mass tourism has not yet arrived and the island, although small, is full of interesting things to see.

5 Day: destination Ischia

Ischia is the third largest island in Italy, and circumnavigating it all would need a day of sailing. That's why we will see some important spot of the island such as the Aragonese Castle, or the bay of Sorgeto, where the water in some points reaches up to at 100 °. In fact, the island is the emerged part of an underwater volcano, making it a perfect place for spa lovers.

Last Days: Naples

On our way back to the base we go along the Phlegraean peninsula passing through Miseno going towards Baia. This place is ideal for snorkelers, in fact some areas are protected marine area, moreover in this bay it is possible to observe the phenomenon of bradyseism. From the islet of Nisida begins the promontory of Posillipo, which have another protected marine area. The Coast is also full of ​​villas placed on hight promontories and actractive caves. Once on the Neapolitan coast we have a beautiful glimpse of the city, and approaching Castel dell'Ovo we see an everlasting icon of the city. Overnight in Naples. Day after return to the base.

Tour Location

Few small bits of informations about the destinations

It is the most glamorous island in the Mediterranean and among the most visited in the world. In addition of being a popular destination for tourists, it is highly visited by prestigious personalities and famous people from the world scene. The island has naturalistic, historical, fashion, art, culture, culinary traditions and much more in it. Only by boat you can you appreciate its splendid caves: such as the Coral Grotto, the White Grotto, the Green Grotto and the famous Blue Grotto. At last but not least is a must to cross the true symbol of Capri: the Faraglioni of the island to make a wish.
Also called Green Island, for its rich vegetation, it is among the most popular destinations for spa lovers. In fact, the island has volcanic origins, being the emerged part of an underwater volcano. The architecture is in perfect harmony with nature, the Aragonese Castle is one example of many. The inlet of Sorgeto is fantastic, with natural thermal waters is an example of beauty modeled by nature. In short, the island of Ischia, the largest in Campania and third in size in Italy, is a succession of wonders.
It is the smallest of the islands, but certainly not less beautiful. In fact, the island was the source of inspiration for several writers and film productions. A place where time seems to have stopped; where traditions and simplicity make the island truly characteristic. Corricella, with its fishing village and pastel houses, is certainly among the most beautiful places on the island. Activities like a walk through its narrow streets, or a nice swim near its banks have something special. In short, small in size but full of possibilities.
Sorrento Coast 
It is famous for its high promontories overlooking the sea, making each place on the coast an extraordinary panoramic point. The coastal view and the surrounding hills make the place divine. In fact Sorrento has been loved since the times of the Greeks and Romans. The peninsula is also characterized by Lattari Mountains, making it attractive also for wonderful hikes. Not to mention the culinary tradition, limoncello has origin in this small paradise thanks to the excellent citrus properties of this land. Finally, the peninsula ends at Punta Campanella, which is also a protected marine area.
Phlegraean Coast
The northern part of the Gulf of Naples is the Phlegraen Peninsula, which is volcanic area made of yellow tufe. The bay is part of an ancient caldera formed by many craters, most of sunken below sea level. Here it is possible to observe the special phenomenon of bradyseism. But the Phlegrean area is also famous for its restaurant specialized in fish dishes such as Spaghetti with seafood.
Amalfi Coast
It is famous for the coastal stretches that make it every turn a breath-taking view. In fact, UNESCO has declared as World Heritage Site so that is beautiful. The coast is the other part of the Sorrento peninsula, splitted by the Lattari Mountains, and is part of the other important gulf, Salerno. The name takes origins from the ancient glories of the city of Amalfi, which is also the center of the coast. But there is no shortage of enchantments, Positano above all is the most famous. World elites come to this corner of Eden to spend their holidays.
At last but not least there is Naples, which its coast certainly does not stay behind other places. In fact, the stretch that goes from the island of Nisida, covering the whole promontory of Posillipo, up to Castel dell'Ovo is full of wonderful surprises. Just think of Posillipo, since ancient times has been a place of leisure and entertainment for the Roman aristocratic classes and even before with the Greeks. The place is full of villas on steep cliffs and splendid coves that made it a popular destination for the Hollywood circle in the 1960s. Furthermore, the protected sea area of Gaiola is perhaps the most characteristic of the Gulf of Naples.
In short, a small corner of the world where you find many concentrated places to leave you breathless.

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